Aardvark Interiors is a Brooklyn based design and fabrication studio led by kinetic sculptor and New York native Jason Gandy.  Aardvark creates exquisite handcrafted hardwood furniture and unique architectural spaces that use traditional materials to express sublime, contemporary-meets-futuristic designs.

Aardvark uses innovative segmented arc joinery, which is both an integral structural component, as well as a signature design feature, giving casework pieces their distinctive faceted corners.  The heartwood grain chosen for the faces is selectively arranged in a vertical cascade, showcasing the wood and making each piece a unique, organic composition. All the furniture in the collection is constructed from regionally sourced hardwoods, finished by hand, and accented with shaped brass and bronze hardware.

The studio collaborates with architects, interior designers, and individuals to develop new projects and customize the current product line. Thriving on a challenge, Aardvark’s team applies strategic problem solving and years of expertise to complement and enhance their clients’ vision.

Jason grew up on Roosevelt Island, a secluded, experimental island community located in the center of New York City.  He studied sculpture at Tyler School of Art where he began making installations which explored the illusion of expansive scenes presented inexplicably through small and unassuming vessels.  Jason’s practice then led him to the vast and brutal landscape of Alaska, where he built a seasonal homestead and created objects of necessity from the available natural resources. After moving back to NYC, he refined his approach to object making at high end furniture studios, eventually starting Aardvark Interiors as a way to encapsulate his passions for art, sculptural furniture, and immersive environments.