the debut collection


at Aardvark Interiors, we make furniture.  We know we’re not saving the world, but we’ve found a path to bliss, and it involves long days on the table saw.  On may 21, 2017, we Unveiled our debut furniture collection at ICFF, at the jacob k. javits center in new york city.


For years, we have been creating a variety of projects from furniture and millwork to retail design and sculptural installations.  Every so often, during the design-build process, a certain detail would emerge, and begin to take on a life of its own.   Whether it was the minutia of a case joint, or a dark nuance of a section of walnut, we found that the wood- the form- had its own voice.  we were just uncovering it, helping it along.  We found that Certain elements wanted to be together, to be presented as a group.  We Experimented, scrapped, refined, and obsessed.  our goal was to present our findings in the form of a furniture ensemble.


The pieces in this collection are all designed by Jason Gandy, the company founder and lead designer.  They are all made with splined segmented joinery and focus on our unique cascading sapwood/heartwood compositions.  Our skilled craftspeople make everything from solid domestic hardwoods in our skyline studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  Let’s talk- We’re on the roof.